I met my hero Dr Klinghardt and here is what I learnt about the five levels of healing

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The 5 Levels of Healing was one of the most important concepts we learnt from Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. It emphasized that disease is not merely physical and that the solution for illnesses and diseases is to resolve the underlying energetic causes of illnesses.
Darius Soon, 25/11/2013





I met my hero, Dr Klinghardt in Seattle in Mar 2013 after what are acts of extreme synchronicity (for that full story, please read the article “How I got quantum entangled with Dr Klinghardt”). The most valuable teachings we gained from him was his philosophy of 5 Levels of Healing, described here, and Klinghardt’s Axiom (please see our other article “Klinghardt’s Axiom – and Why Supplements May Not be Enough”).

So what was this model of the 5 levels of healing all about?



If you look around you, you would realize that all around us, every single thing is part of a system. If you look at a tree for example, the roots and leaves and bark are all part of the system known as a tree, and the tree is then part of a bigger system known as a forest which is then part of a system known as Earth. There is an Intelligence that pervades all these systems. This Intelligence determine the survival and growth of living creatures, as seen in how birds fly to the south to escape the cold winters, or how turtles find the exact beach in which they are born in which to lay their eggs. This Intelligence has been termed the Morphogenetic Field by Dr Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist.

Similarly, this Intelligence works in us to determine how our immune system functions. When there is stress, this stress distorts the signals sent by the Intelligence.

It is like the game “Passing the Message” you used to play in school, where people line up and one person is told a message and they have to act it out to the next person in line until the last person has to guess the exact message. Usually if there is miscommunication along the path, it will lead to the wrong message being delivered.

What if this Intelligence is sending us the signals but there was interference along the way? The message that the cells hear will be very different from the messages that it is supposed to hear for proper functioning of the body. Over time, the body goes from a state of wellness to a state of disease.

What are some of this interference that can cause illness?

At the 5th Level, Intelligence communicates with our Spirit, and so this is the realm of religion and spirituality, our individual relationship with the Divine, in whichever form we choose to call it. This also deals with our Life Purpose, Soul Mission, including the roles we may have chosen to play with our family, friends and colleagues. Therefore all of us have heard of seemingly miraculous results from praying or deep faith, this is the power of the 5th level. At the physical level, this is translated into our DNA in our genes, and how it expresses itself.

At the 4th Level, Intelligence communicates with our Country Soul, our Race Soul and our Family Soul. Here, one very common blockage is how certain family members in our ancestry face certain traumas or exclusion which would affect subsequent members in the family. It is almost like the members of the family have to “atone” for what they feel are injustices and wrongs that happen in the family. At the physical level, this is translated into epigenetic signals which determine whether a particular set of genes are actually expressed or not.

At the 3rd Level, Intelligence starts to communicate with your Individual Soul. This is where your beliefs, thoughts and attitudes play a role. Based on recent research, your thoughts are actually constantly influencing the field around the body and this field then interacts with the cells in your body in a constant loop pattern. Certain belief patterns could prevent the body from healing.

At the 2nd Level, you come to the field of emotions, feelings and what are known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the meridians and in the Ayurveda Traditions as the chakras. Traumas in early childhood, food allergies, scars, geopathic stress, electrical and wireless technology all work at this level to create stress in the system.

Finally, at the 1st Level, we see the actual physical manifestation of the entire “invisible phenomenon” that happens above this Level. All energetic issues would have their physical equivalent, affecting the biochemistry and/or structural aspects of the physical body. At this level, toxicity from heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi hold sway, as well as nutritional deficiencies from the food we eat, or structural issues like dental and spinal subluxations. These still need to be addressed for full healing to take place, but for permanent resolution, it is usually the 2nd to 5th levels that have to be resolved.

The implication of the 5 levels of healing is that for full healing to take place, all levels must be addressed, not merely at the 1st level of the physical body. That is what we do in our work!

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