Touch and Heal – Can Hands-on Healing be that Simple

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It is hard to believe that just by touch (and sometimes without touch but just using intention), significant healing effects can be achieved. But various studies have indeed proved that this is possible.
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Dolores Krieger, PhD, created “Therapeutic Touch”, a kind of energy therapy. Dr Janet Quinn tested this therapy on her patients with heart problems and the treatment group showed decreased anxiety of up to 17 percent within five minutes of treatment while there was no observable change in the control group that was not treated. This was published in the New York Times, March 26, 1985 issue. Therapeutic touch is now used in over 80 hospitals in North America and taught in more than 100 institutions of learning in over 75 countries around the world.

Almost all human beings are born with a sense of touch, a basic human instinct that allows us to reach out and feel another person. Touching is a universal action that conveys love and caring. But to claim that just by touching, you can heal a person, is that going too far?

To understand how hands-on healing work, we have to first understand what the biofield is. Our biofield is used to refer to the energy fields surrounding our body (please read “What makes up your energetic bodies?”). People who are ill have disturbed biofields. A hands-on healing therapist can detect misalignments and re-pattern energy fields to restore balance. The energy fields of two people can overlap and interconnect, and energy can be transferred from one person to another through the fields that emanate from every part of our body.

Biofields have been imaged with technology like Kirlian photography, aura imaging, and gas-discharge visualization. For example, one study employed a magnetometer to quantify biomagnetic fields coming from the hands of meditators and of yoga and qigong practitioners. These fields emanating from the practitioners’ hands were found to be a thousand times stronger than the strongest human biofield! In fact, the strength of the hands’ fields were as strong as the low intensity and frequency fields used in medical research labs for speeding the healing of wounded biological tissues.

Yet another study, involving what is called a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), demonstrated that large frequency-pulsing biomagnetic fields emanated from the hands of therapeutic-touch professionals during treatments.

Using these equipment, it is also possible to detect dramatic differences in people’s biofields before and after hands-on treatment. More importantly, there are real-life changes in people after the therapy.

For example, an experiment was conducted at the Department of Acupuncture Research at the Shanghai Medical College. Eighty myopic children were chosen at random and divided into four groups. The first group did not get any treatment. Second group were given placebo eye drops to administer. The third group learnt Qi Gong techniques for self-practice and the final group was treated by a Qi Gong master, with treatment over twenty minutes a day, by projecting his Chi into the eyes. The first two groups did not report any changes, the third group had two children with significant improvement in vision, but in the fourth group, sixteen of the twenty children show significant improvements in eyesight, confirmed with objective eye tests.

Dr Fong Li-Da of Beijing Institute did research on how a Qi Gong master can influence the bacteria E. coli. Three test tubes with equal quantities of bacteria were given to the Qi Gong master one at a time. First was a control, the master merely held it. There was no effect on the bacteria. For the second test tube, he held it and directed energy for one minute to kill the bacteria. Later, it was found that the number of bacteria was reduced by at least 50%. The third test tube, he intend for growth and it result in a seven to tenfold increase in the bacteria.

“A hands-on healing therapist can detect misalignments and re-pattern energy fields to restore balance.”
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The placebo effect was often cited when it comes to psychic healing. Bernard Grad eliminated that possibility by treating rats. Research was done in McGill University during the 1960s. Grad demonstrated that a human healer, without touching the rats, could affect the rate goiters formed in iodine deficient animals. The next study demonstrated wound healing was much faster in the “healed” rats. Of special interest was the fact that cotton samples, charged with psychic energy by Colonel Estebany, the psychic healer, also worked when placed briefly in the cages twice per day. Bioenergy could therefore be stored in organic fibers.

Grad also discovered that water could be charged with psychic energy, something strongly believed throughout history. His study on rye seeds demonstrated they were substantially more productive when the seeds were treated with charged water. Later he found those with a green thumb could charge water with positive energy. Samples held for periods of time by depressed or mentally ill persons inhibited plant growth. Grad found the hydrogen bond angles of the water molecules were altered, resulting in samples with diminished surface tension.

Justa Smith, a nun and biochemist, used Colonel Estebany as well and found he could increase enzyme activity in vitro by holding the container in his hands and intending to “heal” the sample. Smith made the amazing discovery that the enzymes involved were activated or inhibited depending upon the needs of the organism. The results were always in line with what was healthy for the subject. The bioenergy was conscious! Additional studies demonstrated that hands-on healers could also repair UV damage to enzymes and DNA.

These results also prove one thing – bioenergy need not be transferred through touch, merely a conscious intention is sometimes enough. Also, this bioenergy can also be stored in various objects like cotton and water. Hands-on healing may look so simple it’s hard to believe it can work, but trust us, it can!

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