Why is Law of Attraction Not Working For You – and No, It’s Not Your Fault

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Law of Attraction is all the rage after The Secret movie. Some people have tried it diligently but not get the results they want. Why is that the case? This article highlights that it’s usually the unconscious decisions from the past that are preventing the physical manifestations from occurring.
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When I (Darius) was 19 and a student, I went to Northern Thailand on a community service project where we worked with the Akha hill tribe. The children I met, the bonds I shared with the indigenous people, the love I felt – it turned out to be one of the most inspiring trips I went on. At that point in time, I formulated a dream that I would like to work in an organization that provide opportunities for students to be able to experience what I did. At the age of 26, I did join an organization to do exactly that. So it was a realization of a dream.

Ironically at the age of 26 when my dream was fulfilled, that was when I was exposed to energy psychology and a new dream surfaced in me – to become a healer who can heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual afflictions. That dream came to fruition in 32 when I started my business healing people.

All these dreams came about because I first held a vision in my mind of what I desired, and take inspired actions to follow through on intuitions and synchronicities along the way. For those people who have watched “The Secret”, you would probably exclaim at this point, “Ah, he is using the Law of Attraction!”

Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Thoughts are things. If you hold positive thoughts, you would draw positive circumstances into your life. Similarly, negative circumstances can come into your life if you continually hold negative thoughts.

Everything that comes into your life is created by you by the dominant thoughts you hold, whether these are conscious or unconscious.

If you read that carefully, the key to why Law of Attraction works for some people and not for others is contained in the above statement.

Let me explain. You see, in the movie The Secret, what was emphasized was that if you hold an image, and feel the feelings associated with the image long enough, you can then bring it into physical manifestation.

Unfortunately, many people find that even after going through that process, their manifestation is lacklustre – and there are certain areas in their life where it is just not panning out at all. At this point, they would become disappointed and cynical and publicly decry it as a form of mass delusion.

Does this mean that Law of Attraction does not work? No, not at all.

Law of Attraction is operating all the time, whether you are aware of it or not. Of course, the only evidence that we have to go by is anecdotal, but for people who have felt the flow of manifesting what they desire, they no longer doubt the power of their imagination manifesting into form.

Law of Attraction states that there are 3 steps you need to do to manifest your desires:
You imagine what you would like to have in your life
The universe answers your desires
You match your resonance with your desires so that it manifest in your life

Step 1 and 2 happens automatically. The challenge is in step 3. The way to resonate with your desires is to release anything that is not in alignment with your desires. These include any negative thoughts and associations with regards to the desires. If there are unconscious decisions made as a result of previous traumas, this can then prevent the manifestation of something that you have been thinking.

“Everything that comes into your life is created by you by the dominant thoughts you hold, whether these are conscious or unconscious.”
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Here’s an example. Patricia couldn’t lose weight, no matter what she tried. She imagined being slim and feeling how happy she would be if she is slim, yet after a few months, when she weighed herself in the scale, she’s still the same weight.

When her unconscious was tapped (using applied kinesiology) and she was asked “I want to lose weight”, the answer was actually no! This means that there were hidden unconscious blocks that prevented her from losing weight, no matter how much visualization she did.

When she was a child, she gained great comfort in sharing food with her father. Whenever she feels down now, she would unconsciously eat since that gives her comfort. Until this link is broken, she couldn’t resist food.

There were other unconscious decisions – fear of intimacy (causing her to keep the weight to push guys away unconsciously), fear of safety (a past life in which she was raped because she was too beautiful), etc.

As can be seen, there are usually many decisions that are preventing us from manifesting our deepest desires, and these decisions tend to reside in our unconscious. Knowing that the unconscious is over 90% of your mental capacity, you are fighting with a strong enemy – yourself – if you do not take this into account in your manifestation.

So if the Law of Attraction is not working for you, it’s not your fault! You probably didn’t know about the unconscious decisions that are blocking your manifestations. Think of releasing these unsupportive decisions that you or even your ancestors have accumulated (read “Could World War II still be affecting you today?), and then see your manifestations appear! If you need help knowing what these unconscious decisions are, book a session with us!

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