Radiant Wellness Centre (RWC) is advanced energy medicine practice based in Singapore. At RWC, you get the most comprehensive approach to assessment and therapy. We look at physical causes like toxicity and infections, as well as non-physical causes like emotions, belief systems, and even trans generational/inherited issues.

Thank you for visiting – we invite you to your pathway to true healing and experience energy medicine as the solution to reverse your disease naturally.

What is Energy Medicine?

Your physical body may look solid but science has proven that it is made up of energy, vibrations and information. Addressing disturbances at the level of energy allows for a deeper resolution of all types of physical illnesses, as well as mental and emotional afflictions.

You may already have tried to seek help from doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. How about getting another perspective for your problem?

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Empower Your Health

For Teams, Executives and Corporate Organizations

Program Description

Lunch seminar or executive workshop - invite Darius to speak at your location. Get introduced to 7 pathways of wellness and how energy can heal.

Live webinar - this will benefit organizations with global teams across different regions.


1-hour introduction to the core concepts of causes and ways to heal for chronic disease conditions

Seminar/Webinar/Workshop Outline
Illness as a stress mechanism
5 levels of healing
7 factors that are commonly seen to cause illness
How energy medicine can help

Contact us with your requirements!

For Open-minded Curious Group

Program Description

For anyone interested to find out more on energy medicine from an experienced and gifted practitioner, and those who want to equip themselves with the power to heal themselves and others, opt in for:

Course Title: Medical Intuitive System >>
Delivery Method:

I. Focus group training at Radiant Wellness Centre (max of 6 pax)
II. Group training at your preferred location

We are currently running these trainings periodically and strongly encourage you to enquire with us on when the next group session will be held.

For Open-minded Curious Individuals

Program Description

For anyone interested to find out more on energy medicine from an experienced and gifted practitioner, and those who want to equip themselves with the power to heal themselves and others at the comfort of your home, opt in for:

Course Title: Medical Intuitive System >>
Delivery Method:

1 to 1 learning program. Healing included!

Contact us to fix your individual training.

From the comfort of your home, at your
own time and pace

I. Video Course (coming soon)

The program is released to you in chunks (which we call "chapters") to help you keep from feeling overwhelmed, and you have lifetime access to the material.

You will receive access to a private, password-protected website where all the course content is housed. The course site is online 24/7/365, and you can view it on your phone, tablet, or any kind of computer.

Training video chapters outline - details coming soon

II. Training Course Materials

in form of DVDs and Manuals

For immediate healing, accessible wherever you are in the world

Won't it be nice if you can listen to some music in the comfort of your home and feel the therapeutic effects course through your body? Well, now you can.

All physical problems stem from energetic disturbances, coined as "disease frequencies". One of the healing tools proven to be effective in clearing these disease frequencies is music or sound. While you listen to the music tracks specifically designed for each possible condition, the frequencies in the music would act on your body to clear these disease frequencies from you. Listening to it regularly allows these disease frequencies to be wiped clean, and your body can then start to heal.

Speaker/Trainer's Bio

Darius Soon believes it is possible to live in a disease and pain-free world. Overcoming low self-esteem issue through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) almost instantaneously, Darius found his true calling in that moment and never looked back. Today, Darius is a medical intuitive who has served over 500 people across the 5 continents over the last 10 years. When Darius is not working with his clients, he spends his time reading, salsa dancing, indulging in nature walks and travelling. His first book - Cracking the Disease Code: Revealing The Spiritual to Physical Causes to Illnesses, hits the shelves in April 2017.

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