Radiant Wellness Centre (RWC) is advanced energy medicine practice based in Singapore. At RWC, you get the most comprehensive approach to assessment and therapy. We look at physical causes like toxicity and infections, as well as non-physical causes like emotions, belief systems, and even trans generational/inherited issues.

Thank you for visiting – we invite you to your pathway to true healing and experience energy medicine as the solution to reverse your disease naturally.

What is Energy Medicine?

Your physical body may look solid but science has proven that it is made up of energy, vibrations and information. Addressing disturbances at the level of energy allows for a deeper resolution of all types of physical illnesses, as well as mental and emotional afflictions.

You may already have tried to seek help from doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. How about getting another perspective for your problem?

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7 Pathways to Wellness

All of us want the same things – to be healthy, happy, peaceful, inspired, connected, abundant and living our purpose through contribution to the world. These are our 7 pathways of wellness.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly be well in all these areas of life, while others struggle to put themselves together in even one of these areas?

If you look at the “lucky ones”, you may even think: they are no less pretty, intelligent or talented than me, but somehow they seem to be so much more accomplished in life.

And if you are struggling particularly in health, you know how tough it is to feel good in the other areas of life when just dragging your body around puts a huge strain on your energy.

We have been taught by society that the way to change our circumstances is to do something physically – if our friends make us angry, we change them; when we can’t get along with our boss, we move to another company; if we don’t have enough money, we work harder.

But what if this way of doing things is not the solution? You may realize after a while: even though the external circumstances may change, you still tend to end up in situations in which you FEEL similar negative emotions – anger, grief, irritation, guilt, etc. It’s almost like you are going round and round in circles in a repetitive pattern. And you become increasingly frustrated with each passing year.

Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results.” What have you been doing wrong and are you ready to do something different?

You see, it’s not your fault that things didn’t work out the way you expect, because the physical route we have been taught is doomed to fail from the start because our physical experiences are actually due to non-physical causes.

In recent years, research in quantum physics implies that our reality is shaped by our consciousness. This means that whatever we can see (our jobs, our health, our relationships) comes from the unseen (our thoughts and feelings).

For example, think of a tree. The fruits that this tree grows depend on how deep the roots have set in the ground. The fruits are what we can see, but it is the “unseen” – roots, that determines how good the fruits would be. Similarly, our outward results in the world are determined by the “unseen” – how we think and feel on a consistent basis.

Furthermore, everything is just vibrations and energy. How we think and feel will form what is known as our energetic signature. Based on our energetic signature, we will then draw to us the circumstances – the people surrounding us, how they relate to us, how much opportunities comes to us, how healthy we are, and obviously that will have a huge impact on whether we thrive or fail. This energetic signature is unique to all of us, and includes both our conscious and unconscious thoughts.

An analogy is that of listening to the radio station that we are interested to hear. In order to listen to a radio station, we have to tune the dial to the right frequency. Similarly, the universe is just made up of different frequencies. By setting our individual frequency to match with the frequency of the universe, we would then be able to tune into the circumstances we would like to experience. If you are sick, then you have tuned into the frequency of illness, and the way to become healthy again is to retune back into the frequency of health.

If this is really what is happening in the world (yes, it is!), then there is only ONE solution to change your circumstances – and that is by changing your energetic signature.

Welcome to Radiant Wellness Centre! Do you want to be physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially well and successful in your career? How you can do that is by changing your energetic signature. Let us begin!

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