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What is Energy Medicine?

Your physical body may look solid but science has proven that it is made up of energy, vibrations and information. Addressing disturbances at the level of energy allows for a deeper resolution of all types of physical illnesses, as well as mental and emotional afflictions.

You may already have tried to seek help from doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. How about getting another perspective for your problem?

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Chronic Fatigue: Birth of a Healer: The Story of Han Chiang

We liked him immediately when he arrived at our clinic. He was well read and had taken time to read about his chronic fatigue condition and what the possible causes could be. Bespectacled and young, just entering university, it was hard to believe that a man at his age of 19 was already affected by chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

“No matter how much I rest, I still feel tired. I want to join the orientation at the university but am afraid whether I can participate in the activities fully.”

We explained the basis of why chronic fatigue occurs. There are typically traumas affecting ancestors and psychological issues leading to stress. Stress affects the hypothalamus-pituitary gland-adrenals (HPA) axis, leading to release of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. As adrenaline gets depleted, the Kreb’s cycle that determines whether the cells can produce cellular energy gets broken. Over time, the inability to efficiently convert energy in cells leads to exhaustion, which characterizes CFS. Without cellular energy, the body also starts to lose the ability to detoxify properly. For Han Chiang, who had a few dental amalgams that had been in his mouth for many years, the buildup of mercury toxicity in his body was probably the load that broke the camel’s back.

Luckily he started to see us at the first onset of the fatigue. After two sessions, you could hear the result here:

But what was heartening was that he wrote us an email after the first session in which he felt that meeting us was one of the most interesting days of his life. During the session, he had felt little vibrations around his head and this side of life that was largely unknown to the general population intrigued him. He wanted to read up more about this topic and asked us for recommendations of the books that he can read to learn more about healing. Looking at him, we feel that he would eventually go on to heal many other people as well. Perhaps this is the beginning of the birth of a new healer!


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