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Your physical body may look solid but science has proven that it is made up of energy, vibrations and information. Addressing disturbances at the level of energy allows for a deeper resolution of all types of physical illnesses, as well as mental and emotional afflictions.

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Depression: Abortion by her mother linked to her depression? Story of Rina

“I may as well die. I don’t know what to do anymore,” Tears streamed down the eyes of Rina.

Rina’s husband looked at us desolately. He wasn’t used to suicidal thoughts openly expressed, and there was a raw fear mixed with love when he gazed upon Rina.

Rina had suffered from depression on and off for years, but this time, after a trip to Australia, her depression had grown so serious that it had become debilitating. Regardless of the number of antidepressants she was taking, she continued to feel worse. The family had already exhausted all their options before seeking us out.

After the testing we did for Rina, we asked whether there were any cases of deaths in the family line which were considered accidents or traumatic in nature (including abortions, miscarriages, stillborns, etc). In her case, Rina’s mother had aborted one baby before. That proved to be the critical link.

We have found often that depression was not a case of psychology at all but instead to an attachment by an earthbound spirit. Some people could probably relate to that straightaway, because there were times when their feelings seemed to come from someone else. Of course, some had also exclaimed, “You are crazy!” We were waiting for how Rina and her family would respond.

Luckily, Rina could resonate with what we said.

“From a young age, I have always felt a presence around me. It’s as if someone is following me. I also often have dreams of a girl who would offer to play with me.”

Rina can also identify with many of the symptoms linked to spirit attachments, like migraines and headaches; stiffness of the neck, shoulders, lower back pain, joint pains; digestive system issues; breathing issues; heart-related problems; chronic fatigue and exhaustion; and of course depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

In old times, and even at present in some regions of the world, shamans have explained that spirits of the dead who have not moved on caused illness, and they based their practice on removing those entities from the patient.

Modern day science has rejected the idea of the existence of spirits interfering with our health because these are invisible to our usual senses. It does not mean that whatever we can’t see is not there. Even though we can’t see the invisible radiation, we can still use our mobile phones to make calls successfully.

We have found that when the dead passed on, due to various reasons, some of them do not move to the places they are supposed to go. As a result, they are stuck here on Earth, and require going into living people to sustain themselves – almost like a host-parasite relationship. These hosts are usually their descendants and many of the spirits are actually unaware that they are causing various physical and emotional symptoms for the people they inhabit.

The usual exorcism and going to see a bomoh (Malay witch doctor) don’t work because it’s based on the idea that these spirits are bad and evil and needed to be cast away. Instead, the approach we use take into account the welfare of all parties involved – the spirit as well as the person affected by the spirit. The procedure involves healing the spirit. When these spirits are done with the healing, they would automatically move on, freeing the person of her depression symptoms. Whatever we do is also free of any religious connotations. Ultimately, we only recognize what is present in reality and work with that. The healing is done energetically, with no invasive procedures like drugs or surgery.

What we have found is also consistent with some other practitioners’ experiences, check out these various books written on the subject:

“Remarkable Healings, A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness, by Shakuntala Modi, M.D. ”

“Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits from Your Energy Body, by William Baldwin”

Many people would be tempted to dismiss this and go on in their search for a cure for their depression. Luckily Rina stayed. After 3 sessions over a month, she reported not long after that her depression has cleared, just like that!

We know it’s not easy to accept this at face value, because it trigger so many unconscious feelings, but pause a while and suspend your judgments for just a while. What if this is true? What if there is a simple and elegant and more importantly permanent solution to the depression you are experiencing? How would it be if you can finally be free of this suffocating and never-ending depression?

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