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Digestive and Stomach Problems: All diseases begins in the gut: Story of Indah

“I have seen a number of naturopaths, homeopaths and ayurvedic medicine practitioners. Some I have even followed for years. I feel a little better but never really got well.”

We told Indah what we found – that the most likely problem she had was an issue with her digestive system. How did we come to that conclusion?

Her tonsils were showing as the weakest organs, which indicate that her tonsils have become hotbed for bacteria. There was a long list of pathogens that she was testing for. She has all the characteristics of the “leaky gut syndrome” – yeast overgrowth, allergies to wheat and milk, and emotions like being neglected, lost, being deprived of safety and intimacy, all negative emotions which are essentially held in the small intestines.

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates said, “All diseases begin in the gut.” Well, not much had changed since then.

We asked whether she ever had amalgam fillings placed into her mouth before, as metals like mercury, lead and platinum were all showing in her test. She did, but she removed them a few years ago.

“Did you do any detoxification of the metals even though you removed the fillings?”

“No”, she sheepishly admitted, “No one has asked me to.”

She had done all the naturopathy work, but never any work dealing with emotions and trans-generational issues. And yet, that seemed to be where she most needed help in. Her ancestors seemed to have experienced a number of traumas related to being abandoned and neglected.

The memories of these traumas were still activated in Indah, causing a stress response and release of stress hormones like cortisol. Cortisols over time break down the gut lining. This was further exacerbated by use of antibiotics that kill bacteria but not a fungus called candida. Candida grew roots which further break down the gut lining, worsening the “leaky gut” syndrome

Undigested food substances like wheat and dairy in particular went into her bloodstream through the gut, causing the immune system to send inflammatory substances to destroy these foreign “invaders”, leading to further inflammation.

Her liver had to work harder to help with digestion. This started to compromise detoxification. The buildup of toxins provided an optimal environment for pathogens to grow and the immune system became compromised. In her case, the number of viruses, parasites and bacteria in her body was mind-blowing. It didn’t surprise her – she had had her gut issues for over 30 years.

By resolving the stresses and pathogens and toxins, her situation could finally turn around!

She started noticing her condition improving within the first month, she used to not be able to sleep to her side because of how that disturbed her, and she had to resort to sleeping facing up just to minimize her discomfort. She now gladly reported that she no longer had to do that!

Also, she started noticing improvements in her mood and stability. She now felt much calmer and her digestive system seems to function better after a meal, with less indigestion symptoms.

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