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Your physical body may look solid but science has proven that it is made up of energy, vibrations and information. Addressing disturbances at the level of energy allows for a deeper resolution of all types of physical illnesses, as well as mental and emotional afflictions.

You may already have tried to seek help from doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. How about getting another perspective for your problem?

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Fears and Phobias: No more phobia of heights within an hour: Story of Faridhana

“What if I tell you that it may be possible to cure life-long anxiety, fears and phobias in little more than 1 – 3 sessions, and sometimes in less than 10 minutes?”

Faridhana wasn’t totally convinced when we told her that. She had mentioned her fear of heights as something that she had as long as she could remember. We were overlooking the beach, surrounded by friends in a group gathering. It was the first time we met Faridhana so we were prepared for skepticism, yet in her tone, there was also a sense of curiosity.

“I know it sound unbelievable, we are still filled with wonder sometimes when we see the amazed looks of my clients. The reason for our fears, anxieties and phobias actually come about from past traumas. Any situations that we are currently experiencing now which resembles the past experience will re-trigger our unpleasant feelings and sensations associated with that memory.”

She had heard of counseling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other therapies but energy psychology was something new to her.

“It’s true each of the therapies work, but somehow it is never as fast as what they got from an energy psychology session with us. The reason is simple: energy works, and it works really fast!”

The premise of energy psychology was about removing the emotional charges in the memory carried as an energetic imprint in the person’s consciousness due to the initial trauma. Once the trauma memory was removed, she would no longer feel as much fear and anxiety as she used to.

She was prepared to give it a try, so right there and then, we did a quick session for her, which lasted less than half an hour. This was what Faridhana reported afterwards:

After the session working on the fear of heights, I felt the difference immediately. Usually when I go for my class, I have to walk the steep flight of stairs in the Singapore Post Centre and I usually hold and walk down the stairs but after the session, I didn’t hold the railings and was walking down just like that and there was no phobia. It’s really amazing and I have started talking to my friends about it.

Faridhana’s case wasn’t an isolated example. We could recall another experience in which we helped Lux. He totally freaked out whenever he saw any snakes, even if they are not physically in the same space as him. Even showing a photo of a snake on internet would cause his face to turn pale and he would have to look away and move away from the computer. After just 1 session, he came back with a smile the next day to say that his fears were now much lesser. He went back home that night after the session and googled about different types of snakes and wasn’t affected like he used to when he saw the photos.

Then there was the case of this lady who was afraid of ghosts and spirits. She saw a “shadow” in her living room once and was totally flabbergasted. Now she kept on seeing shadows everywhere and could no longer feel comfortable in her own home. After 3 sessions, she no longer felt any fear, and could now stay at home on her own without any company.

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