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Lupus: Maternal grandmother went blind: Story of Fiona

Fiona had been diagnosed with lupus for around 8 years and had been taking steroids and experiencing some of the side effects including hair growth on her face. She was also devastated to hear from the doctor that she probably would have to take prescription drugs for the rest of her life to alleviate some of her symptoms like joint pains and stiffness. The number of drugs that she was given was on the increase, and she wondered whether there was another way.

The pains are indicating that the body is experiencing inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s response to heal something. Though anti-inflammatory drugs may be useful in pain relief, it does not heal the underlying causes for lupus. Lupus is treated as an autoimmune condition. The body is attacking itself. But why is the body doing that?

In Fiona’s case, the problem seemed to originate from something that happened to her maternal grandmother. Her maternal grandfather came from China, leaving behind her maternal grandmother, who cried so much from that abandonment that she became blind. When we were testing Fiona, it seemed like there was a lot of self-blame and self-punishment which the maternal grandfather felt for abandoning his young wife.

Fiona could also see the theme of self-punishment happening in the life of her mother as well, who eventually passed away due to cancer. Her mother tended to defer to others and was always very critical of herself. These stresses that affected her ancestors led to stress that were still causing a stress response in her nervous system.

Stress hormones caused cells to not produce enough energy for normal cellular functions like detoxification. In particular, one of the strongest anti-oxidant in the body – glutathione was not produced by the body in large enough quantities to deal with the toxicity. Body built up toxins as detoxification was compromised. Kidneys became more stressed as it tried to handle the detoxification. Toxins provide an optimal environment for pathogens to grow and the immune system became compromised. The body’s inflammation response was an attempt to heal these underlying stresses, but the antibodies produced to fight the toxins and pathogens ended up attacking the body instead. If these stresses could be resolved, perhaps the body could reduce the amount of inflammation that it was creating, reducing the amount of pain and organ damage that was currently happening.

In her own life, Fiona seemed meek on the surface, but she admitted privately that there were a lot of underlying conflicts – she hated her looks, she can’t see where she would end up in life, and had a peaceful but passionless relationship with her husband.

It’s interesting how often we have seen self-punishment and self-hatred hidden in the personality of those with lupus and other autoimmune conditions. Could how a person feels about themselves direct the activities of their own immune system? Could their own self-hatred towards themselves cause their body to attack itself? By resolving these self-hatred feelings, the body can finally stop its relentless attacks on itself.

Even though Fiona’s sessions are not yet fully complete, she already reported a lessening in joint pains. More importantly, she remarked that her feelings towards herself had changed. No longer was she so willing to place blame on herself for anything in her life that went wrong.

It’s a load off my shoulders. Finally, it’s not all self-blame and self-criticism. I never knew how much there was of that till after the sessions with you. Now my mind is so much more peaceful.”

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