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Lyme Disease: Is Antibiotics Enough? Story of Karen

Karen had all the classic symptoms of Lyme: joint pains especially stiff neck, shoulder pain, lower back pain, mood issues like anxiety, depression and panic; digestive issues; fatigue and insomnia.

After over 10 years of suffering where she went to different specialists to get different diagnosis: depression, anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia, stomach ulcer, chronic fatigue and urinary tract infection, she finally got herself tested for Lyme and got a positive test result for it.

Needless to say, all the drugs from the various specialists didn’t manage to give her any of the relief she need. Finally, with a proper diagnosis, she sought out some of the best Lyme-literate doctors in U.S.A where she was living at the time. She was given different rounds of antibiotics to deal with the borrelia bacteria. But now that she was in Singapore, she thought of finding a practitioner who could help her test for co-infections. That was how she found us.

In Singapore, Lyme Disease is a virtual unknown. The scariest thing is that Lyme disease has been linked to many nervous system disorders and autoimmune illnesses. In fact, there are some practitioners who claim that Lyme Disease is always present in ALL people with chronic illnesses. Based on our clinical experience, we have to agree with them.

The Borrelia bacteria found in Lyme Disease can cause up to fifty to five hundred times stronger inflammatory response than a common bacteria like E. coli, based on a 1994 study published in the journal Infection and Immunity. This explained the extreme pain that Karen was experiencing!

Treatment of Lyme disease typically requires treatment of antibiotics. Physicians who are actually treating chronic Lyme patients believe that repeated courses of antibiotics and using a combination of antibiotics that attack the bacteria in different ways are more effective.

Adding to this complication is the presence of co-infections to lyme. These co-infections include babesia, nanobacterias, chlamydia, mycoplasma, bartonella, ehrlicha, rickettsia and bornaviren. Karen tested for mycoplasma, chlamydia and rickettsia the first time she saw us.

Over 80% of people affected by Lyme are also believed to develop a condition known as HPU (hemo-pyrrol-lactam-uria) in which the body loses huge quantities of zinc, B6, molybedenum, biotin, magnesium, chromium, manganese, arachidonic acid, histamine and taurine and other trace minerals. If not treated for HPU, clients may not see overall improvements even with lengthy treatments. This was also the case for Karen.

Even using different variations of antibiotics to treat Lyme, it is still virtually impossible to completely eradicate the borrelia bacteria as the Borrelia burgdorferi have a defense mechanism to shield themselves against the antibiotics by banding together to form a biofilm wall made up of iron, calcium and magnesium. Antibiotics have shown to be 1000 times less effective when this wall is present. As such, treatments can take many years and there is a high risk of relapse once the antibiotic treatments are stopped.

Even though antibiotics may kill the bacteria and keep it in check, it is the stress underlying the nervous system that is responsible for causing the initially “good bacteria” to turn virulent, and if this stress is removed, we believe that the borrelia bacteria can eventually be resolved without the need for antibiotics.

Our hypothesis as to why Lyme disease occurs differs substantially from conventional causes. First of all, we don’t believe that a tick bite is the only way to have Lyme disease, in fact, in many cases of autism we see, the borrelia bacteria is present even without the baby ever having bitten by a tick. The only other explanation is that somehow there was a mother-baby transfer of the bacteria. Secondly and most important, we believe that the Lyme disease is only present if the immune system has been suppressed because of a stress response. This stress response is actually initiated by the presence of ancestral traumas, and particularly the presence of spirit attachments in the person. Resolving this would eventually resolve the bacterial infection.

After dealing with her issues, Karen went through ups and downs in her healing. But eventually after 9 months, she stabilized. For the first time in over 10 years, she felt great, without the usual depression that used to bug her. She stopped the antibiotics around then (she was doing the antibiotics concurrently with our healing) and continued to show progress without any relapse.

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