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Autism is Curable! Story of Ming and Jason

Did you feel like you were hit by lightning when doctors inform you that your child is autistic?

Have you been fervently searching for a way – any way – for your boy to possibly live a more normal life like everyone else?

Do you have faith, in the depths of your being, that there is still a glimmer of hope?

Would you like your boy to

  • Be able to express and communicate more?

  • Be more aware of his surroundings?

  • Have more eye contact and relate to others more easily?

  • Show more affection to you and your husband?

  • Sleep better?

  • Exhibit sound behavior at home and whilst outside?

These were the wishes expressed by Ming when he ambled in that day together with his wife, daughter and Jason. The whole family had come from Malaysia for the session. We remembered the first session as especially chaotic. Jason, barely 2.5 years old, cried ceaselessly and it was hard to calm him down.

The family had searched high and low for different ways to help their son. They were also frustrated because many practitioners seemed to be only recommending their method for treating autism and it’s hard to know who could actually help their child.

Ming was attracted by our comprehensive approach which included addressing what we believed are the roots of the autism issue, an approach that was missing in other practitioners he had seen. The approach covered heavy metals toxicity, parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast, structural, radiation, food allergies, emotions, belief systems, genetics, and epigenetics…

How we determined the specific stresses affecting Jason was through the Autonomic Response Testing (ART). ART is a test where the child’s body communicated through his nervous system for us to know the problems currently residing in his body as well as the optimum treatments that he currently needed. Because we were able to trace the roots of the problem and not just the symptoms, Jason received a treatment that would ensure he would heal in the fastest possible way.

Unlike biomedical approaches that deal only with the physical body, ART tests also for bioenergetics phenomenon. This may be something new, but we believe bioenergetics is the new paradigm and apparently, these Nobel Laureates agree as well:

“Body chemistry is governed by quantum cellular fields.” ~ Prof Murray Gell-Mann

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body.” ~ Prof William Tiller, Stanford University

Besides being fast, the best thing of all was… any changes are permanent. Whatever gains Jason, it was going to be permanent.

Jason was no different from the many autistic children we had seen. He tested for a bacteria known as Lyme (borrelia burgdorferi), heavy metals toxicity especially mercury (usually from the mother’s amalgam fillings or from the vaccine), a leaky gut which caused food sensitivity and intolerances (wheat and dairy in particular), and a hypersensitive reaction to electro-magnetic radiations, mold and environmental toxins.

In particular, autism is associated with the “lost child phenomenon” – a case when there are deaths of children in the family line before this child was born (usually from abortions, miscarriages, etc.). These can happen in the generation of the child, in the parents’ generation or even the grandparents’ generation. Ming could identify with that, because there had been miscarriages on his wife’s side of the family. After the healing, these are Ming’s own words,

Jason, the 2nd child in our family, he got an elder sister who is 3 years older than him. It was when Jason age at 29 months we found out that he was totally too much difference with other kids. My wife has been tracking our first child, my daughter on how many vocabulary she can speak at what age. We found out that Jason doesn’t talk much. At one time he tried to talk by babbling, but no eye contact at all to us. At one time, he was sick until we need to see a child specialist. When we met the doctor, she told us that something is wrong with your son, she noticed that he got no eye contact and unable to point to anything, no attention even his name is called. She asked us to go see a specialist in autism to get the assessment. Then we go see an expert from a therapy school that can do autism assessment.

It was in middle of September 2013 I went to see Darius. It was for sure after the first assessment done by the school. Only in a span of 6 months, such a huge difference happened to my son. He is now able to respond to us, can do 2 ways interaction, much longer eye contact, can play with other friends (he was unable to play with other kids before. Once we placed him under a normal school, and he has to be expelled because he couldn’t do any interaction nor responding to teacher’s instruction). And the most important thing, he got better bond with me. He was so angry before when I hug or hold his hand, he was so attached to his mother only. Now, I can go anywhere with my son without my wife.

After 1 year from the first assessment, Jason’s motoric has improved a lot, he can eat by himself, can play scooter by his own, able to walk with roller-skates, can sit about 45 minutes quietly, and very focus in doing things such as drawing, playing bricks, etc.

It was quite frequent appointment with Darius for the first 3 months (note: altogether we did 6 sessions between 16 Sep 2013 to 12 April 2014). But the treatments really help my son. Among all the way of therapy and treatment that my son went through, the treatments that he got from Darius is the most effective and combats the autism to the core.

I would like to give advise to all young parents, if you find out that your child is not growing as other normal kids, early detection to your child is very important. It’s way much better to do early intervention rather than you wait until they grow too old. And for parents who got autism child, never give up, you can still help your kids although it might take longer time compared to early intervention (before 5 years old, best if below 3 years old). The sign of autism would be:

  • Unable to point using finger (1 finger, normally the point finger).

  • Walking using their toes instead of full feet on ground.

  • Eat very fast, sometimes not chewing the food.

  • Not responding when calling his/her name.

  • No eye contact.

  • No respond to strangers.

  • Can’t be hold for quite long time.

  • Open and close door. Any doors.

Any of the early sign above, please go see an expert to get better assessment.

And lastly, AUTISM CAN BE CURED. Don’t believe in other people when telling you that this thing is incurable. YES, YOUR CHILD IS SO PRECIOUS AND CAN BE CURED.

And no, whatever happened to Jason was not an isolated example. Let’s hear from another parent Darren after our treatment for his son, Bryan:

You are probably worried about the future direction of your child… is he going to ever be able to speak, go to a normal school, and fend for himself when both of you are no longer around?

Imagine… that he can smile that angelic smile and come up to you on his own to ask for a hug.

Imagine… that he might even go to a mainstream school and join the rest of the children.

Imagine… that he can look you in the eyes and tell you, “I love you, mum.”

All these could be possible, sometime in the future.

That is why it is so important to make a decision today. In autism, there is a metaphor known as a window of opportunity. During this window period, every intervention you do for your child would reap untold benefits later on. That window of time starts closing from the moment you know your child is autistic and unfortunately, you can delay, but time won’t. Every day of non-treatment make reversing autism much harder. Our best results are always with younger children.

Give your boy – your precious – a chance, go for it!

P.S. Somewhere in you, you know and still believe that your child can be better. You are meant to be on this website. The question now is, would you allow your thoughts – those thoughts that are telling you that it won’t work, that it sounds too good to be true, that you would just end up disillusioned – stop you, or would you trust your heart just this one time?

P.P.S. Please check out our testimonials and case studies for autism here . There is only one reason why we have so many testimonials – because what we do works!

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